About Us

We have been dedicated to preserving the quality of hexagonal briquettes and tamarin wood charcoal for export to the Middle East and Asia ever since PT. Almasyhur Semoga Berkah Abadi was founded.

PT. Almasyhur Semoga Berkah Abadi is dedicated to being a reliable and expert business. by giving you the highest standard of service and careful oversight.

Our goods have a lengthy burn time, a high caloric content, and little ash. Our items can be used to burn BBQs and other things. Because our products have passed reliable and trustworthy product certification testing, we place a high priority on briquette quality.


  • Establish yourself as a reliable business for partners.
  • Develop into a helpful business for those in the community who require it.


  • Offer world-class charcoal goods
  • Converting elements of Indonesia’s natural resources into useful products.
  • Establishing enduring collaboration with all business partners
  • Participate in promoting Indonesia’s economic progress
  • Create networks and offer the finest service to both current and potential clients in order to foster positive communication.